LZF is a currency trading platform that incentivizes exactly the kind of behavior desired of traders in markets. It is built on top of the powerful LZF engine.
Our goal is to introduce the world to a radically new, yet completely correct way of trading. Our incentivized market algorithm creates healthy markets that are deep, dense, and stable.

LZF (formerly PS Coin) was founded in December, 2013, based on a concept conceived in 2011.

LZF spent more than a year in development before ever publicly announcing itself and opening its doors to alpha testers in February 2015.


LZF was co-founded by Andrew Tepper and Daniel Pusateri.

Andrew is the founder of eGenesis, the 14th company ever to accept Bitcoin as currency, and he is also the creator of Dragon's Tale, the first ever MMORPG casino. Dragon's Tale uses Bitcoin in place of chips and had, as of January 2015, over 427,000 BTC in bets wagered. Andrew wrote the LZF trading engine.

Daniel has been operating high traffic websites since he was fourteen years old. Daniel wrote the LZF banking engine as well as several supplementary high-security interfaces for communicating with crypto-currency software.


LZF is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

LZF Correspondence Address
105 Braunlich Drive, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15237 USA


Any media and press personnel may contact us with inquiries via e-mail [email protected].

You can also download our press materials here.


You may contact us via e-mail [email protected]. Any sensitive data should be encrypted with this PGP public key.